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The Call of the Century Metatrope

Long ago, We referred to Ourselves as Sisters and Brothers, and lived in a Spirit of Trust and Cooperation. Our Commons was Understood as Being for All to Enjoy, as in Nature.

Then we went to School. The Establishment told us we needed to Learn to Compete, Prepare for Life (as a Wage Earner), and embrace Societal Values. The Gauntlet hardened us, transformed us into Cynics, Backbiters, and Naysayers. Those most dear to us, became our Slaves.

The further We climb, the more complex Life becomes. Everyone becomes Disposable, including Our Selves. Human Law is routed to abuse and subvert Common Universal Rights. Exploitative Leaders are admired and promoted by the Establishment because if You do everything Right, you will Succeed.

(Question: Then why has the Success Formula come to signify Atrophy?)

Capitalism is Arbitrary: One person profits at Countless Others Expense. Rules like these are Meant to be Broken. Nonprofits are breathing their Last gasp. Instead of the Steady Flow of Creative Ideas, they have become sclerotic Choke Points, designed for routine Blood-letting. Every Movement leads back to Figureheads, in order that rallies might Still birth.

We must End all that if we are to return to Ground Zero--Before its too Late.

250 years ago, Everyone had balanced Value tied to the Earth. In the immediacy of Every Day living, our Norms deserve to be reconnected with Nature. We Should Not have to Explain and Prove ourselves Over and Under. Time is spent protecting the Land Better. People will Evolve around Serving the Conversation--or Not if they Choose Not To.

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